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Unbridled Way Forward

For those who are wanting more from life.

Discover your path to a more meaningful, joyful, and authentic life.  

Untangle the web of confusion and

see your way forward.

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Find the answers.

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Feel empowered.

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Discover your path.

Are you feeling unhappy with your life?

And maybe even feeling guilty for wanting more? 

I can't make decisions

My confidence is gone.

I feel dissatisfied

Is this all there is?

I feel stuck

Nothing's worked. Yet.

​Discover your power and move forward with clarity.

One of the guiding principles of Unbridled Way Forward is:


"We all have an infinite capacity to evolve and grow through our most difficult moments."

All it takes is for us to decide we are ready to face them, and to find the right guidance and support.

At Unbridled Way Forward, we provide services and programs designed to meet your particular needs. 

  • Moving through an unwanted change in your life

  • The loss of a relationship or job

  • Feeling hopeless, confused and stuck. 

  • Worrying about the future

  • Considering a life change that you can’t quite figure out on your own.


We offer traditional psychotherapy sessions, both in-person and through private on-line telehealth meetings for your convenience and safety. 


In addition, we feature Eagala Model equine assisted services, a powerful treatment modality that incorporates horses into mental health treatment and personal development. In a peaceful, rustic setting in northern Durham county, you can find your answers surrounded by nature and beauty, in the company of horses.  


For a limited time, I am offering complimentary ​virtual Relief Sessions

through Telehealth. 

If you are feeling like you could use some support, let's get on a private Zoom call.  Learn some ways to get unstuck and get on a better path. 

Together we will uncover what will move you forward fastest, and get you clarity right now. 

I look forward to connecting.


Finally feel seen and valued. Talk to someone who will really hear you and understand you.

Someone who can help you create a more meaningful, joyful, and authentic life. Remove the barriers in your life and discover your greatest strengths. Choose your path.


Realize, maybe for the first time, that there is a way forward.

  • Learn that you do have choices, you have options.

  • See an expanded view of the world and your place in it.

  • Become more empowered and confident.

  • Create the life you want with confidence, clarity and passion. 

  • Delight in life, feel joy, and have fun again.

Cultivate a better relationship with yourself and discover your greatest strengths.

Your plan may include traditional counseling, equine-assisted psychotherapy, telehealth sessions, or a blend of techniques customized to fit your needs.

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“I’ll never forget my very first session. 

It changed my life forever.”  - Lauren N.

Herd Meditation

Unplug and reset. Come enjoy a relaxing few hours of guided meditation, reflection and stillness in the company of horses and with like minded people. Step out of the chaos and reconnect with the natural world, finding a sense of your place in it.

The Unbridled Self

Feel supported and heard as you begin the journey of finding your path. Whether traditional therapy or equine-assisted, these private sessions will guide you to move past the pain. Feel in alignment with yourself and with your life. 

About Unbridled 
Way Forward

Amanda has an authentic style of counseling and psychotherapy gained from her journey to her own authentic self.  Her knowledge and wisdom help you work through life’s transitional times with grace and integrity.

Why Unbridled Way Forward

Amanda Graham and Unbridled Way Forward offer you the keys to finding your own truth so that you can live the life you truly dream of. 


Creating a life that is satisfying and authentic takes willingness and courage.  Many of us feel stuck and discouraged, tangled in painful memories, and unsure of how to let go of the cycle of fear, self-criticism and blame. Our goal is to provide caring support and guidance as you face your challenges and move forward in a way that aligns with your values and aspirations to live life with more ease and joy.


At Unbridled Way Forward, you can begin to understand and accept what has brought you to this point and then build new skills to explore, dream, and create the life you envision with confidence, clarity and passion.


As a licensed Mental Health Professional, trained and experienced in client practice, Amanda has helped hundreds of clients find their way forward. Her own experience and wisdom allows her to know how to work with you and to organize a tailored treatment plan that transforms you. 


Amanda has an authentic style of counseling and psychotherapy that incorporates her clinical training with the expertise gained from her own journey of growth and discovery.

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness

will we discover the infinite power of our light. - Brene Brown

How It Works


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