Organizational Development 

Through the unique input of the horses and collaboration with the trained facilitators, teams and leaders can find fresh answers and new direction.


The purpose of our Organizational Development Program is to create a retreat like learning experience for companies and the people who make them up, to support wiser and more creative solutions and more effective and cohesive teams. Through the unique input of the horses and collaboration with the trained facilitators, teams and leaders can find fresh answers and new direction.


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How Horses Help

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  1. Team building :  the action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation.

  2. Leadership development: Leadership development equips leaders with skills that can help them enhance the productivity of their team. ... It helps set role models for future leaders and encourages them to improve their leadership skills. It ensures that any leadership gaps are avoided, especially in the face of change in the leadership panel.

  3. Strategic Planning  The purpose of strategic planning is to set overall goals for your business and to develop a plan to achieve them. It involves stepping back from your day-to-day operations and asking where your business is headed and what its priorities should be

  4. Special Custom events

leading to increased emotional safety and engagement in the treatment process.


Horses are a natural partner due to both their differences and similarities to humans.  Like humans, they are very social herd animals, and develop relationships, and have struggles, much like human teams and groups do.  Unlike us, horses are prey animals, which means that they have survived for thousands of years by being hyper aware and alert to their surroundings, giving them a keen sense of what we as humans bring in to the space with them, through our nonverbals and thoughts. This feedback is invaluable for leaders and teams alike.

Horses provide a safe and dynamic environment, where peace and healing comes through the relationship, facilitated by trained professionals.


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Horses, like humans, are very social animals and live in herds, creating relationships and hierarchy, much as humans do.  What’s different is that they are prey animals, and because of that, are highly intuitive to their environment, including our nonverbal messages and intentions. Through this, we receive unbiased feedback, and our stories transform in a safe and powerful way.


Due to their size and presence, horses can create a sense of awe, and working with horses can remind of us how we approach other unfamiliar and challenging situations or people in our lives, providing in the moment, non judgmental feedback.

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