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Building Teams, Developing Leaders

Teams are only as strong as their people

What do you and your team need
to move forward?

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Discover Strengths

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Build Skills

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Execute your plan

In the last two years, everything in the workplace has been disrupted. No wonder leaders and teams have struggled with focus and innovation.

Unbridled Way Forward offers unique solutions to meet the needs of your leaders and teams by incorporating horses and/or mindfulness into their professional development…
all in a retreat like setting that allows space, to get some distance, and see things from a different perspective.

At Unbridled Way Forward, we believe that everyone is a leader and can benefit from learning more about themselves and how to bring their very best version to work, wherever the location.  

Through the onsite experiential learning and follow up after the event, leaders and teams can transfer their learnings into the work environment for lasting impact.

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“Amanda is a high performing and engaging leader with knowledge, skill, and experience in all aspects of organizational development. While working with Alliance, she coached emerging leaders, led development of the first strategic plan, brought diverse teams together, and introduced change management principles to the organization.  Amanda was a calming force and valuable resource for Alliance as it went through significant transformations. “

Rob Robinson

Chief Executive Officer, Alliance Health



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Customized for you, leadership development can be individual, or a leadership team.  Learn about yourself, and the possibilities, by working on specific goals, with the herd, and the support of skilled professionals.


Nothing highlights a team’s strengths and pain points more quickly than tackling a challenge. Working with the horses and guided by certified facilitators, teams identify gaps and develop steps to overcome them, in real time.

Online Meditation

Learn skills and practices to improve essential qualities for success - clarity, creativity, courage, and compassion. Create a culture where people feel valued and heard. Options for one time or ongoing programs.


Each of these services are flexible and individually designed to meet your needs, but have some common components:

  • Pre event preparation including team leader and member interviews and development of clear goals and outcomes

  • Onsite activities and experiences that include horses, as well as group work outside the arena, where flip charts, small group discussion, individual reflection and journaling may also play a role.

  • Post event debrief including development of Experience Summary document and sharing with leaders, and/or team and whatever additional steps that support maintaining the changes made and identified.

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Horses as partners


Horses are a natural partner for working with individuals and teams because of both differences as well as similarities to humans. 

Like humans, horses are very social, forging strong relationships and teams within their herd.

Like us, they encounter relationship struggles and work together to negotiate workable solutions.

In the wild, horses’ safety and their very lives depend on finding a structure within the herd that optimizes strengths and balances shortcomings.

Unlike us, however, horses are not predators, they are prey animals. For thousands of years horses have developed a keen awareness of their environment, to keep them safe from predators.  

Because this is experiential learning, horses’ feedback to us as we engage with them in their space is invaluable and unique, revealing missing pieces to propel the team forward. 

About Amanda


People Always Matter

As a licensed psychotherapist, my focus has been on people, and supporting them to be their best versions,
in all arenas of their lives.


For more than 20 years, I have brought this same vision
to working in leadership, including the corporate world, where I was an executive in charge of developing departments, culture change, strategy, employee engagement, and people.

Read more about Amanda >


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