The Unbridled Self

Spiritual Path

“People can talk to one another ... and remain distanced and lonesome. In partnership with a horse, one is seldom lacking for thought, emotion and inspiration. One is always attended by a great companion.” - Charles de Kunffy

The Unbridled Self

Spiritual Path

At Unbridled Way Forward, we understand how confusing life can be. What it feels like when you're unsatisfied with how your life has unfolded. You may even be unhappy to the point of resignation where you just don't feel like you have any options left.

Feel empowered to handle life and experience yourself in a new way. 

Experience the powerful healing that comes from being with horses. 

The Unbridled Self Spiritual Path 3-month program uses the Eagala Model of equine-assisted psychotherapy to create a place of safety to explore your innermost self, helping you to face your biggest fears/challenges and through that, discover your greatest strengths.  






You are the focus of our team approach. We guide you to overcome life’s heartbreaks and to make decisions that serve you so that you too can live a happy, authentic life.


How will the Unbridled Self Path benefit me?

  • Develop understanding and acceptance of what has happened

  • Find a way forward out of the chaos of your unsettled life

  • Feel loved and comforted 

  • Become empowered to grow into the amazing adult that you are meant to be,

  • Live your life truly in alignment with who you are

  • Cultivate a better relationship with yourself, with others, and with your life situations


Finally feel validated. Experience your thoughts and feelings in a new light, and move forward in your life with competence and empowerment.

How do horses help me live a happier life?


You may have tried other forms of therapy before. And you're probably wondering what horses have to do with it...

Horses are highly intuitive and sensitive beings who have a special ability to connect in ways that help you become focused in the present moment, to identify your feelings, and to work through emotional and behavioral barriers without shame or stigma.



Horses can provide a metaphor for events or situations in your life. Difficult feelings and situations cannot always be put into words, and sometimes it's better not to try. Bringing horses into the treatment process makes it easier for you to be in the present moment, so that you aren’t focusing on the past or worrying about the future, but dealing with what’s going on now. This allows you to look at your life with clarity and groundedness.


Physically engaging with horses while you are also processing what’s going on emotionally, you have the opportunity to “rewrite” your life stories and move forward.


Our unique team approach allows you to tap the expertise of all the members of the team and to find yourself discovering your own answers in your own unfolding and healing.

  • The horses are the true agents of your healing.  Your relationship and interaction with them, and the way they represent the story of your life, are the focus.   

  • The rest of the treatment team is supporting as you explore the unfolding of your story.  

  • The Eagala Model process can change your life, if you can suspend your literal thinking and get into your metaphoric, creative mind. 

Horses are large and powerful, and it is hard to ignore their presence - much like a seemingly impossible life issue.

Horses provide a space for safe healing to occur.

Our goal is to see you through to the other side, for you to experience the healing and grace that comes from accepting and resolving the issues that have been holding you back. 


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