Treehaven Farm

“Our aspirations are our possibilities.”

- Samuel Johnson

Amanda Graham

Licensed Professional Counselor,

Eagala Certified Mental Health Professional and Trainer

Amanda Graham and Unbridled Way Forward offer you the keys to discovering your own truth so that you can live the life you truly dream of.  Amanda and her team truly hear you, and can understand where you are and where you want to be.

  • Address the deepest core issues that are the barriers to your happiness.

  • Learn to lovingly and surely discover and become your authentic self.

  • Create the life you want with confidence, clarity and passion.


As a licensed Mental Health Professional, trained and experienced in client practice, Amanda has helped hundreds of clients find their way forward. Her own vast experience and wisdom allows her to know how to work with you and to organize a tailored treatment plan that transforms you.  


Amanda's authentic style of counseling and psychotherapy incorporates her clinical training and the expertise gained from her own journey to her own authentic self. Her knowledge and experience:


  • Helps women work through life’s transitional moments with grace and integrity

  • Creates a space where you feel deeply heard and understood 

  • Gently guides you to discovering your own lasting solutions where you are empowered and more confident in yourself


Amanda understands from her own life what it takes to overcome challenges and heartbreaks, and to make decisions that serve her so that you too can live a happy, authentic life. Delight in life, feel joy, and have fun again. 


Amanda lives with her husband, David, at Treehaven Retreat Center in the countryside of North Carolina near Durham.  If she is not with her clients, you will likely find her out and about in nature, connecting with close friends, riding her horse, camping with David and one day visiting the Galapagos Islands. 

Our Team Members - Do we still want them on here?

No team is complete without these great people who contribute so much to your sessions!!


Kristen de Marco, Equine Specialist

Educated at Villanova University in Communication Arts & Psychology, Kristen’s professional “first act” was in the fashion industry – working for small, medium, and global corporate companies. When she learned about how horses were partnering with people in new and innovative ways, she decided to put her lifetime of experience riding and training horses to work. She became certified in the Eagala Model in 2011, and established WorkHorse soon-after. Over the years, she has designed and delivered innovative team experiences with horses around the globe. She is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and companies create sustainable growth and change back at work. In addition to her duties as President of WorkHorse, she is the Founder and Executive Director of a nonprofit organization, Gateway HorseWorks, which incorporates horses for mental health treatment of people.


Suzanne Case, Equine Specialst

Suzanne runs ClearWind farm with her husband, Matt. She teaches riding lessons and yoga, and is the primary equine specialist for equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) sessions on the farm. Suzanne is Eagala Certified and has been working with horses for over 35 years as trainer, teacher (BHSAI certified instructor), rider and caregiver. Her deep belief in the connection and understanding between horses and people has led her to care for horses and co-facilitate EAP with a wide variety of clients. Suzanne is also certified by PATH International and co-founded Vinyasa Dressage.

Matt Case, Licensed Professional Counselor and Eagala certified Mental Health Professional

Matt has been counseling children, adolescents and adults since 2000 in private and community-based settings. He was drawn to using horses in psychotherapy because he saw how it brings to light peoples’ struggles and strengths with an ease and clarity he seldom sees in traditional office-based psychotherapy. Matt’s therapy style draws largely upon mindfulness and acceptance approaches, empowering clients to create rich and meaningful lives by unhooking from undermining thoughts and feelings and taking action towards their values. Matt is the mental health professional in the Eagala team, and also sees clients at his office in Chapel Hill.


​Jill Taylor, Equine Specialist

Jill has been riding and working with horses for over 30 years, with a primary focus on classical dressage. She also coaches clients on groundwork as well as offering sessions for clients to experience Equine Assisted Learning and Leadership. Her life's work has always revolved around health and wellness; her experience includes over 20 years of building and leading successful sales teams in the natural products industry. Over her career she has also experienced and facilitated training and mentoring in Strategic Planning, Conscious Leadership and Team Building. This background has enabled her to learn from and add to company business goal success as well as foster active and positive organizational cultures.

Jill is an Eagala certified Equine Specialist, co-founder of Vinyasa Dressage with Suzanne Case
at Clearwind Farm, and a Certified Yoga Teacher. She lives on a small farm outside of Chapel
Hill with a menagerie of horses, dogs, cats, kids and a husband.