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Meet Our Team

Amanda Graham headshot

Amanda Graham, LCMHC

Amanda Graham, LCMHC, founded Unbridled Way Forward in January 2020, leaving an 8-year position as an executive at Alliance Health, and returning to her mission of providing mental health and well-being services incorporating horses. Amanda’s journey has not been straight nor traditional. She began her career as a professional actor, living and working in Atlanta and then, San Francisco, where she followed a calling to work with animals in a deeper way.


Returning to North Carolina, Amanda shifted her focus to study which was brought to an abrupt halt by her then husband’s diagnosis and subsequent death of cancer. This was a pivotal moment that changed the trajectory of her life and aligned her with her deepest calling: to work with animals to help people. Amanda was accepted into graduate school and began to restart her life, learning to be a counsellor.


She completed her internship at Duke and once licensed, moved to rural Colorado with her new husband and became director of a private nonprofit mental health organization. It was here that Amanda learned of equine assisted psychotherapy and began her 20-year journey of learning, teaching, facilitating, and growing through this unique and transformative way of helping people change their lives through horses. She has been working in this field ever since.

Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, a certified Meditation Instructor, and Change Management Professional. She has been trained and certified in a variety of equine assisted models, including Eagala, and Natural Lifemanship. Most recently she joined 6 other national leaders in the field to create Arenas for Change (ARCH).


Unbridled Way Forward is the culmination of Amanda’s life experience so far, and she is profoundly grateful for the opportunity to live her purpose, once again.

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Jennifer Rousseau Headshot

Jennifer Rousseau

Jenny is an Equine Specialist and has been co-facilitating sessions with Unbridled since 2018. She has been certified in the Natural Lifemanship and Eagala models, and most recently, certified with Arenas for Change – ARCH as a Designated Professional. Jenny has loved horses for as long as she can remember and has witnessed, countless times, how being in their presence can impact the lives of clients in very positive ways.  Originally from the UK, Jenny has called North Carolina home for many years.  

Diane Fening Headshot

Diane Fening

Diane is an Administrative Professional who worked closely with Amanda at Alliance Health, prior to the start of Unbridled Way Forward.  Diane loves to bake and share! She currently helps UWF at the monthly Herd Meditations and handles a variety of support needs. 

Circle of Support

Angela Walter Headshot

Angela Walter

Angela Walter is a board-certified genetic counselor and serves as the US Field Science Director for Fabry Disease in the Rare Genetics division of Sanofi. She is passionate about teaching and increasing physicians’ understanding of rare diseases. When she’s not working, Angela tries to spend as much time as possible with horses and her dogs.

Coleen Sullins Headshot

Coleen Sullins

Coleen Sullins retired a few years ago from her position as Director of Division of Water Quality where she was responsible for managing North Carolina’s programs protecting the state’s water resources. Since retiring, she has been following her passions, exploring the world, hiking our national parks, and serving on Raleigh’s Environmental Advisory Board. 

Pat Kosdan Headshot

Pat Kosdan

Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, LMBT. Her practice, CommonHealth, is in Carrboro where she shares a home office with her husband Phil Kosdan, Lic Acupuncturist/ Herbalist. 

Collaborative Partnerships

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Horses for Mental Health is working to expand the role horses play in mental health and personal growth to realize our vision of a world where all mental health needs are met – together.
HMH also serves as a fiscal sponsor for Unbridled Way Forward

Arenas For Change Founding Member Logo

Unbridled Way Forward has achieved the Arenas for Change (ARCH) Program Designation indicating training, experience and specialization applying SEEN™ through horses, mental health, and organizational development. 

Amanda Graham is one of 7 international professionals who make up the ‘Creator’s Team’ for ARCH.


ClearWind is a horse farm and an oasis where people unwind and explore what it means to be present and alive, connected to ourselves and to others. Whether in a counseling session, learning workshop or a horseback riding lesson, we invite participants to "discover themselves through the eyes of a horse."

A unique approach to making a difference in people’s lives. With Women Empowerment Programs, Mental Health Equine Business Immersions, and those who need support moving through life’s challenges. Stewarding the Legacy of Hope with Passion, People and Purpose.

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Rob Robinson Headshot

Amanda is a high performing and engaging leader with knowledge, skill, and experience in all aspects of organizational development. While working with Alliance, she coached emerging leaders, led development of the first strategic plan, brought diverse teams together, and introduced change management principles to the organization.  Amanda was a calming force and valuable resource for Alliance as it went through significant transformations.

Rob Robinson

Chief Executive Officer, Alliance Health

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