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The Unbridled-
Self Journey

Our private flagship program designed to guide people to find the answers to the deeper questions, guided by someone you can trust.

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Your strength lies within. 

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Take right action.

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Move forward with certainty.

Do you ever ask yourself, "Is this it?"

We all encounter times in our our lives when we become bored and disenchanted with life and the way it has turned out.  We begin to ask the deeper questions. 

"I feel like I should be satisfied and grateful for what I have, but I'm not ... is this all there is?"

The truth is you don't have to settle. 


Now you have someone with experience who is trustworthy and can guide you to the other side with grace and integrity.  


Life is a process of change. 


I can offer you the keys to your own truth so that you can live the life you truly dream of, authentically. 

The Unbridled Way Forward Program addresses the deepest core issues that create an unhappy life and lovingly guides you to create the life you want with confidence, clarity and passion.

As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, with specialized training and 20 years of experience in clinical practice, I've helped hundreds of clients find their way forward to delight in life and have fun again.

My own experience and knowledge as a therapist and equine specialist has given me the wisdom to connect, meet you where you are, and together, develop a tailored plan to put you on your path.


Your journey to yourself is yours. I am your guide and I am honored to show you the way forward. 

“We all have an infinite capacity to evolve & grow through our most difficult moments, once we decide we are ready to face them, and can find the right guidance and support.”

- Amanda Graham

Why Horses?

Horses are the perfect partner guiding you to look within
to find your own next right steps.


Intelligent Animals

Horses have evolved to be extremely sensitive to their environment because they are subject to predators. They instinctively analyze and react to our body language and other nonverbal cues and offer us valuable insights for other areas of our lives.

Large and Powerful

When approaching a horse, it’s hard to ignore their size and their presence. We see our relationships with others and ourselves in a new light.  We see how we can face other big or overwhelming things in our lives. A way that works when other therapies don’t. 

Distinct Personalities

Horses are herd animals and have distinct personalities and moods. They could be stubborn, reserved, or they could be playful and curious. As social animals, their unique sensitivites provide non-judgmental feedback. People find their own answers.

By incorporating horses,

you experience yourself in a new way. 


The Unbridled Way Model does not require any previous experience with horses. It asks nothing of the horse except to be a horse, and nothing of you except to be present and willing to explore.


While working with horses can seem daunting, the environment is structured to foster a life-changing experience, encourage engagement with the horses while remaining physically and emotionally safe.


This is why there is an certified professional team of Equine Specialist and Mental Health Professional in all sessions, ensuring that high standards of practice, ethics and safety are upheld.


Through innovative, in-person talk therapy in the presence of horses, come to your own truth faster than through traditional talk therapy.

A safe environment frees you to overcome emotional and behavioral challenges, and find real solutions to alleviating stress. 

Offering a full range of care - including Telehealth for psychotherapy and personal development, as well as safe in-person services, outdoors with the Treehaven Farms herd. 

The Unbridled Self Journey program is customized for you every step of the way.  


All of our programs are offered with or without the participation of our horses.

Through innovative, in- person talk therapy in the presence of horses, access your inner strengths and be transformed forever.

How It Works


Schedule a complimentary call to discuss your next right steps.


Receive your custom plan, designed specifically to guide you to meet your goals.


Get started transforming your challenges
into freedom.

Unbridled-Self Journey

Our flagship program for people ready to discover their authentic self and transform their life.  


Go after what you want in life.

Whether virtual sessions or

in-person with the herd, or a blend of both,

work with someone with the wisdom

to help you grow and flourish. 

At the end of your Unbridled Self Journey, you will:

  • get clear and know your next right steps,

  • regain purpose and joy in your life,

  • have better relationships,

  • feel connected to life, and

  • empowered to take action in your way forward. 

Live in alignment with your values and know that you have all it takes for anything life offers. 

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To learn more about how the Unbridled-Self Program works to meet your individual goals,

schedule your discovery session.

Discover your authentic self

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