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Amanda Graham with horse in a field

How Horses Help

  • Due to their size and presence, horses create a sense of awe, leading to increased emotional safety and engagement in the treatment process.

  • As prey animals, horses are highly sensitive to nonverbal messages and intentions. Through this, we receive unbiased feedback, and our stories transform in a safe and powerful way.

  • Horses provide a safe and dynamic environment, where peace and healing comes through the relationship facilitated by trained professionals.

Woman with arms around a horse's neck

If you are curious about the next step of your journey, let's talk about a unique and innovative approach that incorporates horses into psychotherapy, learning, and professional growth. 

We know, we hear it all the time.

"Why horses?  How do they help?”

You will be amazed. Horses can read and respond to us in unique ways, responding to subtle cues about our internal state and feelings that we may not even be aware of. This provides a critical spark of insight, becoming a catalyst for deep and transformational change.

Horses provide new, nonverbal information allowing you to recognize your behaviors, experiences, and feelings in ways that are very different from standard talk therapy.

When we reconnect with nature, we rediscover the essence of who we are. With awareness and compassion, we can accept our true nature and begin the journey of building the future we desire.

Through your Unbridled Way Forward team's gentle and supportive guidance, feel empowered to walk through blocks safely and become stronger than ever.  Learn from your wisdom within and engage that wisdom to propel you into the future of your design.

woman sitting in chair with notebook in lap. A horse is placing their nose on the notebook.

“The first two nudges (by the horse) felt as if he was introducing himself to me, but the third one was as if he needed all of my attention to listen to him and oh how much he had to say!  I could tell that he was telling me to go out in the world and be myself, as if he knew me for a long time.”

- Keisha

Horses as Partners

Horses are a natural partner for working with individuals and teams because of both differences as well as similarities to humans.

Like humans, horses are very social, forging strong relationships and teams within their herd.

Like us, they encounter relationship struggles and work together to negotiate workable solutions.

In the wild, horses’ safety and their very lives depend on finding a structure within the herd that optimizes strengths and balances shortcomings.

Unlike us, however, horses are not predators, they are prey animals. For thousands of years horses have developed a keen awareness of their environment, to keep them safe from predators. 

Because this is experiential learning, horses’ feedback to us as we engage with them in their space is invaluable and unique, revealing missing pieces to propel the team forward

Woman touching and gently stroking a horse

Want to learn more about how we can help you at Unbridled Way Forward? Reach out to us today!

Woman gently leading a horse
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