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A young woman with a backpack, looking down a forest path

Unbridled Self Journey

Are you feeling unsettled with your life and confused about the future?
Feeling called to do something different but not sure what or how?

Are you doubting yourself, questioning your choices?

Spiraling in repetitive thoughts taking you in circles?

Two horses grazing

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s path.” 

- Joseph Campbell

Finding your authentic path is the work of a lifetime. 

Feeling anxious, unsettled and confused, while difficult, can be prompts to guide you toward clarity, wholeness, and freedom. 

With the right support, self-doubt can become an invitation to get curious about what’s beneath it. What stories are you believing? How would your life change if your stories changed?

woman touching a horse on the nose.

“I was able to make more sense of the past that proved to be useful rather than just old stories. Amanda's creativity was using the land and animals to be in the moment and use that space to find my truth.”

- Denise

Early morning sunrise as viewed from within a stable

The Unbridled Self Journey is an 8-week, individualized, personal discovery program incorporating horses and nature, for people who are ready to gently challenge the status quo. All of the work with the horses is done on the ground– there is no riding. 

Amanda creates a personalized program based on your desires and what transformation looks like to you. Utilizing a variety of experiential interventions including facilitated connection time with horses, journaling, visioning, mindfulness and embodied meditations, projective techniques with photographs to deepen insights, and story elements to expand awareness, you begin to discover your authentic self, and the unique gifts you are meant to bring to the world. 


“Horses bring us out of our heads and into our bodies, connecting us to our deepest wisdom.  Through their nonjudgmental presence, horses create an emotionally safe environment to touch our most tender places with compassion.” 

- Amanda Graham

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Young woman interacting with two horses
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