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Unbridled Self Journey

Are you feeling ready for a change? Dissatisfied or restless with your life right now? 


Feeling stuck and overwhelmed? Avoiding making decisions because it feels like too much to face alone? 


Feeling called to do something different but not sure to what?

Two horses grazing

We believe that you find your greatest strengths by facing your biggest fears, whether they’re in your personal life or professional world.


The Unbridled Self Journey is an 8-week, individualized, personal discovery program incorporating horses for people who are ready to gently challenge the status quo. To explore and move through the obstacles that keep them from living an authentic life and claim the unique gifts that they are meant to bring to the world.

woman touching a horse on the nose.
Early morning sunrise as viewed from within a stable

“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s path.” Joseph Campbell

It is loosely based on Joseph Campbell’s “The Heroes’ Journey” - a term Campbell coined in his extensive research of cultures and their stories of how we change. 


Campbell documented a consistent story arc across all cultures: 

  • a person receives a calling to step out of their ordinary world where they are comfortable,

  • to cross the threshold into the ‘great abyss’ where they face their biggest challenges, 

  • and then to their transformation on the other side, 

  • with acceptance of their unique gifts which they bring back to their community.

The Unbridled team walks with you through these stages at your own pace, using facilitated experiences with the horses, journaling, visioning, and projective techniques to support you.

The 8 weeks can be seen as a chapter in a book or an episode in a series. If there is a desire to continue to explore your journey through more sessions, that too is available.

Session 1 – What story are you exploring? 

Session 2 – Where are you on the journey?

Session 3 – Crossing the threshold.

Session 4 – Finding Guides and meeting challenges.

Session 5 - Facing the Ordeal.

Session 6 – Uncovering the Gift.

Session 7 – Acceptance of the Gift.

Session 8 – Return to community.


Our Self Journey is a mental wellness program and as such, is not eligible for insurance coverage. 


“My curiosity of what it would mean to do the emotionally healing work I felt I needed with horses and a therapist, is what led me to Amanda. This combination worked for me! Amanda's creativity allowed me to use nature, the horses and my own experiences and desires to guide me.

I was able to make more sense of the past that proved to be useful rather than just old stories. Her creativity was using the land and animals to be in the moment and use that space to find my truth. ”

- Denise

Want to learn more about how we can help you at Unbridled Way Forward? Reach out to us today!

Young woman interacting with two horses
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