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Three woman and a horse walking together

Work With Us

Woman and horse face to face
Herd Meditation at the Farm

Come and enjoy a relaxing time of guided meditation, poetry, reflection, and community in the company of horses. Experience a silent walking meditation in the pasture, connecting to our horses, nature, and yourself. Step out of the routine and reconnect with the natural world, finding a sense of your place in it.

Young woman looking down a forest path
Unbridled Self Journey

The Unbridled Self Journey is an 8-week, individualized, personal discovery program incorporating horses for people who are ready to gently challenge the status quo. To explore and move through the obstacles that keep them from living an authentic life and claim the unique gifts that they are meant to bring to the world.

“We all have an infinite capacity to evolve & grow through our most difficult moments, once we decide we’re ready to face them, and find the right support.”
- Amanda Graham

Unbridled Way Forward offers “the right support”, providing wellbeing experiences incorporating horses - sometimes called equine assisted psychotherapy, equine assisted learning, horse therapy, equine therapy, or equine assisted services.

We specialize in meeting with clients of all kinds right where they are, and listening to the challenges they are ready to face.  Together, we create a plan specifically tailored to meet those challenges and find their way again.


Are you ready to move forward?

Amanda Graham talking to a seated person in a field while a horse walks near
Middle aged woman smiling
Mental Health

Emotional pain, like physical pain, is an alarm that tells us that something needs our attention. We believe that sadness, depression, anxiety, trauma responses, grief - while unwanted - provide a doorway to a new journey. To learn about ourselves, our purpose, and our potential

Amanda Graham talking to a group
Organizational Wellness

We offer unique solutions to meet the needs of your leaders and teams by incorporating horses and mindfulness into their professional development.  Due to their size and presence, horses challenge teams to problem solve creatively. A natural, retreat-like setting sets the stage to see things from a broader perspective.     


“Amanda creates an environment of connection and community that feels both safe and inviting.  She made meditation extremely accessible through the sharing of various methods, incorporated feedback from each group member and always taught with the reminder to treat ourselves with kindess.”

- Angela

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