Wisdom Class

 Access your innate wisdom and

feel refreshed and lighter.

Feel peace and connection with yourself, and with others.


Make sense of it with

gentleness & compassion. 


Learn new skills to manage thoughts and feelings.




Trust that you know your next right steps. 

Feeling out of alignment and distracted with life?

Do you ever feel caught in the same thought loops, searching for an answer that never comes?


Do you question yourself and find it hard to make decisions? 

Do you feel isolated and lonely? 

In these difficult times, these feelings are more and more common and can hijack us from accessing our inner wisdom - our North Star


Begin to understand how your mind works and practice skills that train your mind

to focus, breathe easier, and manage thoughts and emotions.  You can trust that the answers you seek are within reach.


Feel refreshed and lighter.


With a combination of experiential mindfulness practices, skills training, and discussion, use these dark days of winter to reflect and 

discover your wisdom with a skilled and experienced guide and counselor.

Unbridled Wisdom Class

A small group online class for those who are curious and heart-centered,

and who enjoy learning new ways of living life. 


For 6 weeks, experience what it's like to begin your day with a fresh perspective.

Join us and feel in touch with life again. 

Online, and in the comfort of your home, we gather weekly to learn and share.  


Practice new ways to move through your day so that you are empowered.


In this 6 week small group online class, learn... 

  • about how your brain, body and mind can work for you - or not

  • skills & practices to calm your mind and body -  in the moment 

  • self compassion practices that celebrate your uniqueness

  • how to breathe easier and feel more confident 

  • Access your wisdom

How It Works

March 30 - May 4, 2021

Every Tuesday from 7:00 - 8:15 pm ET

Zoom Video Conferencing

Cost: $197

 Feel light and able to breathe again. 

Life is a process of change, and once we allow change, it becomes a miraculous unfolding.


Like all of you, I have been through my own life challenges that have left me in a place of uncertainty and confusion.  Thankfully, I was able to find guides and mentors who supported me to reconnect with my true nature so I could re engage with my life with more confidence and clarity. 


I guide people to access their innate wisdom so they too can reconnect to their authentic self.  


Unbridled Wisdom Class

Join us for a small group wisdom class &

discover your own unbridled wisdom. 

It could be the most compassionate thing
you do for yourself.


Get your free copy of

"6 Easy & Fast Steps to Calming Your Busy Mind"

It can be overwhelming trying to understand how to get your life back on track. These simple tips will help you to empower yourself to start feeling good again, and move towards living the life you truly desire.

Our Mission

Whether traditional counseling, or counseling incorporating horses, we guide you to create the changes you know you need to make, and to leave our care empowered, joyful, and living the life you desire. 

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