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Wisdom Class

Calm your mind and access your wisdom.

Feel lighter, renewed, and connected, with yourself and others.

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Become aware with gentleness & compassion.

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New skills to manage thoughts and feelings.

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That you know your next right steps.

Feeling out of alignment and distracted with life?


Do you catch yourself in the same thought loops, searching for an answer that never comes?

Are you feeling confused and uncertain, questioning your decisions?

Are emotions hijacking your thoughts and creating more stress in your life?

Or are you simply ready to make changes for the good, but not sure how?

In these challenging times, please know that you are not alone. Finding your way through this confusion is possible with support, knowledge, and practice.

Like each of you, I’ve been through painful and confusing times in my life, feeling stuck and unsure of my choices.


I’ve experienced those feelings of isolation when all the usual routes of problem solving weren’t working and I wasn’t sure where to turn.


Thankfully, I found teachers and mentors who supported me to connect with my unique and authentic self, discovering my true path.

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“I thought it would be a nice class where you’d teach someone else’s material and I’d take notes and it would be good.  But this was so much more than that! It was amazing, it was pure Amanda.”   - Lynn Moore, class participant

The Unbridled Wisdom Class

is my offering to you, based on 20+ years of training, teaching and a wide variety of meditation experience, to guide you to calmness, clarity and connection.  Come away feeling refreshed and renewed.


In this small group, online class, we gather weekly to learn and share, practicing mindfulness and other meditation techniques that transfer into your daily life.

  • Experience guided meditations weekly, feeling grounded and focused in the moment, with homework practices to explore between classes

  • Learn practices for working with difficult emotions, including the chemistry of emotions and the different states of mind

  • Learn how your brain, body and mind can integrate and work for you

  • Develop skills to cultivate compassion for yourself and others, celebrating uniqueness and diversity

  • Practice contemplation exercises to access your true wisdom and find answers you can trust

  • Begin to breathe easier and feel more confident and clear.

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“This was a really great blend of education, group interaction and experiential! Good pace and good flow – the classes went by so fast!”    - Lynn Thomas, class participant

How It Works

Week 1:    The Unbridled Way: Allow, Build, Trust

Week 2:   Opposites:  Expanding our View

Week 3:   RAIN: Working with Difficult Emotions

Week 4:   Compassion: Kindness to Ourselves and Others

Week 5:   Contemplation: Accessing Our Deepest Wisdom

Week 6:   Continuing the Journey

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The Next Unbridled Wisdom Class
will start January 2023

Unbridled Wisdom Class
Join us for a small group wisdom class & discover your own unbridled wisdom.

It could be the most compassionate thing you do for yourself.

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